A support tool for new parents – in collaboration with Netmums

Are you a new parent looking for help with your relationship? Netmums is working with Click to help provide professional support.

Read on to find advice, share tips with others, and get information based on the latest research to help your relationship.

Why are Netmums joined with Click Relationships?

Netmums is keen to help parents’ relationships thrive, especially new mums and dads who need that
support the most. That’s why Netmums has partnered with the team at Click Relationships to bring
you the latest advice, as well as a place to share experiences and tips.

You don’t need to register with Click Relationships to see the articles – it’s all completely free.
However, registering with Click Relationships means you’ll be able to access Click’s Listening Room,
where you can speak to a trained Listener and talk through any issues at length.