Supporters of the cause

Martin Lewis: 

Martin Lewis, founder and chair of both and The Money and Mental Health Policy Institute Charity says:

“Debt crisis is wrongly often seen as just a financial issue. It’s not. It has a devastating impact on people’s wellbeing. It destroys relationships, triggers mental health crises, causes suicidal thoughts, and leaves some losing the roof over their head and the custody of their children. Many hide it from their partners too, making things worse. For those in crisis, the best thing to do is seek help from a non-profit debt counselling agency like Citizens Advice, National Debtline or StepChange. If you’re not feeling able to tell your partner, go to the first session alone, and then tell them once you’ve got a plan of action, so that you’re taking them the solution as well as the problem.”

The Debt Counsellors 

Nick Pearson, CEO of The Debt Counsellors Charitable Trust, said:

“We are delighted to have been able to assist OnePlusOne with their Debt and Relationships project. As a debt advice charity, we see all too often the adverse effects of financial difficulties on our clients’ family relationships. Whilst the Debt Counsellors can help clients find a practical solution to their debt problems, we are all too aware that we don’t have the skills to assist with the strain debt problems place on relationships. We believe that these videos will be a useful tool for our clients in overcoming the challenges debt presents to them and their family.”

Family Law In Partnership 

James Pirrie, Family Law Solicitor and Partner of Family Law In Partnership, said:

“Money issues are a leading reason for separation and divorce, if not the final trigger, then at least a factor in the dissatisfaction.  But separation is one of the worst ways of managing a financial problem.  Assets that were barely meeting the needs of one household must meet the costs of two and as many couples don’t talk openly about money, there are often shocks on both sides. Once couples incur additional costs on negotiations, the legal process and the transition, it may take decades to recover … if they ever do.  Much heartache and loss could be saved with programmes to ‘out’ money discussions and work together before it reaches crisis point.”

Money Advice Service 

Colin Kinloch, debt expert at the Money Advice Service, said:

“Our research shows that around 8 mln people in the UK are living with problem debt yet less than 1 in 5 are seeking advice to help their situation. Worryingly, this means that the majority of people with problem debt could be suffering in silence. OnePlusOne’s research clearly shows the impact that this can have on relationships. We support the debt and relationships project and want to tell people that no matter how big or small you think your money problem is, a debt adviser can help. We found 7 in 10 people said that their relationships with friends and family improved after receiving Money Advice Service funded debt advice. We hope that this project leads to more people talking about their money worries and that it encourages people to start a conversation about this either with friends and family or a debt adviser”.

Debt Advice Foundation 

David Roger, CEO of Debt Advice Foundation, said:

“Here at Debt Advice Foundation we fully support the debt and relationships project that OnePlusOne are spearheading. It is very worthwhile. Talking about debt seems like the last taboo, but trying to hide financial difficulties from loved ones only increases the mental strain of the situation. The videos are a fantastic way to start those difficult conversations. Confiding in a partner can be incredibly freeing and may lead to practical solutions.”


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