Debt and money troubles are among the biggest causes of relationship stress.

In these short animations, you will hear real couples telling their stories of being in debt, the impact this had on their relationships, and the steps they took to get things back on track.

Debt and money troubles are among the biggest causes of relationship stress. Being in debt can lead to all kinds of related stress, like taking on extra work, spending less, and avoiding socialising until you’re back on top of things. These stresses can get in the way of your everyday life, leading to moodiness, secrecy and arguments.

If you’re worried about debt, watch these stories to see why you should act as soon as possible – not just by taking steps to resolve the debt itself, but by talking to your partner about whatever you’re dealing with.

  • 55% of couples include money worries in top three relationship strains [1]
  • Getting just three months behind on your bills can have a negative impact on your family life [2]
  • Debt is the number one problem area for newly married couples [3]

The stories explore some of the different ways you might find yourselfpeople have found themselves in debt – losing a job, having a baby, borrowing too much, or just having more fun than you can affordgoing off the rails a bit – and why it’s always a good idea to talk to your partner.

The rollercoaster

When this couple found out they were having a baby, they had to fast-forwarded their relationship, and bring hidden debts out in the open.

The breadwinner

Losing your job can be a dark time. This couple found that bringing the truth into the light helped them step out of the shadows.

The pay cut

Having a baby is one of the biggest challenges a relationship can face. This couple’s hidden debts became one more thing to worry about.

The tycoon

This couple were relying on the fortunes of a seemingly successful business. But, as one partner learned, things weren’t as they seemed.